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Benefits of accepting LSG promotion

After Group C cadre restructure many are started to get their LSG line promotions .
1. Following are furnished for information of newly promoted LSG officials.
2. LSG officials shall have following powers under their unit offices.
  • Sub appointing authority to postman & MTS. Can function disciplinary authority to postman and MTS.
  • Appointing authority to GDS
3. For LSG and above appointing authority is DPS not divisional heads. That means after promoting to LSG, divisional heads can issue only minor penalty to LSG officials.
4. After promoting to LSG cadre, self appraisal forms shall be given to lsg officials to report their significant achievements and short falls before assessing their marks in APAR. But for PA cadre no such self appraisal forms to represent their significant achievements.
5. After 5 years LSG service can appear for divisional head PS Gr B promotion LDC exam.
6. LSG is circle cadre so no rule 38 complications like PA cadre within circle. LSG officials Can get any division by just applying reallotments. Easy to move within circles.
7. Now after cadre restructure many youngsters may choose supervisors cadre to get further HSG II/HSG I and NFG promotions.
8. At present only 3 MACP pay up gradations available to PA cadre but because of opting LSG cadre 4 pay up gradations possible in the mode of HSG I NFG.
9. It is important to mention here that if LSG promotion is declined then till accepting that LSG promotion, that official is not entitled to get further MACPs.

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