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Transfer Policy for officers of IPoS, Group A (JTS, STS, JAG and SAG)

Single Sign On-CSI-FSI Integration Process

Single Sign On-CSI-FSI Integration Process

From: DDG (Technology)
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 5:24 PM
To: All CPMG
Cc: ADG (CSI); Director (Technology)

Subject: Single Sign On-CSI-FSI Integration Process

Respected Madam/ Sir,
As you are aware the pilot (I) rollout of CSI has been successfully completed in Mysuru Division, Karnataka. As part of the CSI project,each employee has been provided with an employee code which will be used as a login ID.

The counter-staff now has multiple log-in credentials viz; CSI log-in, Finacle log-in and McCamish log-in. This system is not only cumbersome, time taking but also not very secure from the point of view of authentication of financial transactions.

In view of the above points it has been decided that there shall be only one log-in credentials per user for all applications. The CSI shall provide the Single Sign On (SSO) solution for this functionality. . The SSO solution shall ensure that each employee having the CSI log-in credentials should be able to access Finacle and McCamish. The SSO shall have verification and authentication system to make it a secure system. This would help the Employees as they will not have to handle multiple log-in credentials. It will be beneficial for the Department and the public as every financial transaction shall be authenticated. The chances of frauds and embezzlements using others’ log-in credentials will reduce drastically thus making the system more reliable and secure.

It is required that each employee’s ID provided by CBS and PLI is mapped with the one provided by the CSI. This activity is essential to avoid any operational difficulties once the SSO is rolled out. In order to do this mapping the M/s TCS has provided a portal along with the log-in credentials for each division. The CBS User-id and PLI user-id along with the mobile number and Aadhar number are to be filled in for all employees on this portal. Some data is pre-populated including mobile number and adhaar number for officials who have already shared these details.

In case of addition of new employees whose names might not be reflecting on the portal, it is requested to follow the procedure of getting their AD user created for them. Once their AD users are created the portal shall automatically be updated and their names shall reflect on it.

It is requested that due-diligence may be followed in this activity as SSO shall become extremely important for smooth functioning of the Post Offices. The link of the portal is given below:

The log-in credentials is attached to this mail. It is requested to complete this activity by 1st December, 2016.

Yours Sincerely,

​Ashish Kumar
Deputy Director General (Technology)
Dak Bhawan,Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001



Much awaited meeting of the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) was held on 17th January 2017 at National Council (JCM) Staff-side office at New Delhi. Leaders of Railways, Defence, Postal and Confederation attended. Detailed discussions were held on the developments that took place after the deferment of the indefinite strike of 11th July 2016 and also on the totally negative attitude of the Government towards the 7th Pay Commission related issues of the Central Government Employees & Pensioners, including increase in Minimum Pay, Fitment formula, Allowances, Pensioner’s Option-I etc.

Unfortunately, there was no consensus regarding revival of the deferred indefinite strike. Hence no decision could be taken. Meeting ended with a decision to meet again after some days. In the meantime NJCA Chairman and Convener may try to meet the Cabinet Ministers who have given the assurances on 30th June 2016 to NJCA leaders.

As there is no immediate possibility for revival of the indefinite strike by NJCA, Confederation National Secretariat has decided to intensify the mobilization campaign and preparation for making the 16th March 2017 one day strike a grand success. All Affiliated Organizations and C-O-Cs are once again requested to make all –out efforts to ensure cent percent participation of employees in the strike. In addition to the campaign programme of National Secretariat members, each affiliated organization and C-O-Cs should chalk out their own separate campaign programme. Please give wide publicity through local print / electronic media and social media like whatsapp, facebook etc.

No doubt, our strike will have a great impact in settling the demands and also in exposing the powers-that-be who betrayed the cause of 33 lakhs Central Govt Employees and 34 lakhs Pensioners.

Somebody should come forward to protest and also, if necessary, to suffer and Confederation is ready for it.

Let Confederation lead and others follow.

Secretary General
Mobile & Whatsapp – 09447068125

Directorate Reply for agitation call given by NFPE, FNPO

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PFRDA has appointed Karvy Computers as 2nd Central Record keeping Agency for NPS

Subscribers of National Pension Scheme (NPS) will soon have an option to choose Central Record keeping Agency as the sector regulator PFRDA has appointed Karvy Computershare to offer such services.

Currently, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure is the only CRA, which establish an internal system that delivers compliance with standards for internal organisation and operational conduct, with the aim of protecting the interests of NPS subscribers and their assets.

“Karvy Computer share Pvt Ltd is currently at an advanced stage of CRA system development and is expected to become operational in the near future,” said the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

Now there will be two CRAs operating in the NPS system – NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure and Karvy Compurtershare, it said.

Karvy was issued Certificate of Registration by the PFRDA in June last year.

“The choice of CRA can be made by the employer (existing or prospective) between the existing CRA and the new CRA depending on the policy of employer in case where there is employer-employee relationship,” the regulator said.

Voluntary subscribers will have an option to choose a CRA while in the case of NPS-Lite subscribers, the aggregator will decide on the CRA.

In case of government sector subscribers, the government will chose the CRA for rendering the services.

A CRA is responsible for recordkeeping, administration and customer service functions for all NPS subscribers. The function includes receiving instructions from subscribers through the points of presence, transmitting such instructions to pension funds and effecting switching instructions received from subscribers.

It acts as an operational interface between PFRDA and other NPS intermediaries such as pension fund managers, annuity service providers, and Trustee Bank.

As on November 30, 2016 there were about 1.4 crore subscribers under NPS with over Rs 1.61-lakh crore asset under management.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Post office at vibrant global trade show Gandhinagar Gujarat


No.1/1/2016-P&PW (E)/23913
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
19th December, 2016


            The undersigned is directed to refer to Annexure XXVI of the Scheme Booklet of the O/o CGA, which is a proforma for Certificate of Re-marriage/Marriage. As per the Scheme Booklet, this certificate is to be submitted once every six months in May and November by widowers and unmarried daughters; this is required to be countersigned by a responsible officer or a well-known person.

2.         This department has received request from Pensioners Union of Railway Employees, Chennai. (copy enclosed) stating that the widows of the deceased ’employees are required to submit the certificate countersigned by a responsible officer or a well-known person. More often the widow, when approaches the show-called responsible officer/well-known person, are being harassed. They feel that the present stipulation of getting counter signature is not only unwarranted but also an affront to the womanhood in the context of atrocity against women rampant in the country. This is inconsistent with acceptance of certificates with self-attestation.

3.         Therefore, the Union has requested to eliminate the provision of counter signature from others duly accepting self attested certificates.

4.         This department has also received representations against revision for submission of these certificates every six months, which had been forwarded to the CPAO for further necessary action. as general references.

5.         This department has already allowed submission of self-certificate for non-marriage and declaration of income vide OM dated 21st July, 1999, re-iterated vide OM dated 8th December, 2011 and 20th September, 2012 (copies available at Rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 has been amended to allow submission of marital and income certificates only once a year.

6.         In view of the foregoing, Central Pension Accounting Office, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare and Ministry of Railways are requested to make suitable changes to their respective forms for the above certificate.
Under Secretary to the Government of India

భీమ్ యాప్ ఎలా వాడాలన్న దానిపై స్టెప్ బై స్టెప్

మీరు భీమ్ యాప్ వాడుతున్నారా..అయితే అది ఎలా వాడాలో తెలియడం లేదా..అయితే మీకోసం భీమ్ యాప్ ఎలా వాడాలన్న దానిపై స్టెప్ బై స్టెప్ గా అన్ని వివరాలను అందిస్తున్నాం. వీటిని ఫాలో అయితే మీరు మీ భీమ్ యాప్ ద్వారా ఆటోమేటిగ్గా డబ్బులు పంపుకోవడం గాని అలాగే డబ్బులు రిక్వెస్ట్ పెట్టడం గాని చేయవచ్చు. ప్రాసెస్ ఎలాగో చూద్దాం.

రిన్ని అప్‌డేట్స్ ఇక్కడే

స్టెప్ 1

ముందుగా ఆండ్రాయిడ్ యూజర్లు గూగుల్ ప్లే స్టోర్ట్‌లో కెళ్లి భీమ్ యాప్‌ని డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేసుకోవాలి. ఈ యాప్ ఐవోఎస్ యూజర్లకి అందుబాటులో లేదు.

స్టెప్ 2

అప్లికేషన్ ఇన్‌స్టాల్ చేసే సమయంలో లాంగ్వేజ్ సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోమని అడుగుతుంది. మీకు నచ్చిన లాంగ్వేజ్ సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోవాలి. ఆ తరువాత వెరిఫై ఫోన్ నంబర్ అడుగుతుంది. అది ఎసెమ్మెస్ రూపంలో వస్తుంది. అది పూర్తి కాగానే మీ వెరిఫికేషన్ కంప్లీట్ అయినట్లు వస్తుంది.

స్టెప్ 3

వెరిఫికేషన్ ఫూర్తి కాగానే మీకు 4 డిజిట్ పాస్ కోడ్ ఎంటర్ చేయమని అడుగుతుంది. ఇది చాలా ముఖ్యమైనది. గుర్తు పెట్టుకోవాల్సి ఉంటుంది.

స్టెప్ 4

పాస్‌వర్డ్ ఎంటర్ చేసిన తరువాత మీరు ఏ బ్యాంకు నుంచి లావాదేవీలు జరపాలనుకుంటున్నారో ఆ బ్యాంకును సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోమని అడుగుతుంది. బ్యాంకును సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోగానే మీ ఫోన్ నంబర్ ద్వారా వివరాలను ఆటోమేటిగ్గా తీసుకుంటుంది. ఈ బ్యాంకు అకౌంట్ ద్వారా మీరు అన్ని రకాల ట్రాన్సిక్షన్స్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.

స్టెప్ 5

యాప్‌లో మూడు రకాల ఆప్సన్లు మీకు కనిపిస్తాయి. వాటిల్లో సెండ్, రిక్వెస్ట్, స్కాన్ పే.. ఈ మూడు రకాల ఆప్సన్లలో మీకు కావాల్సినది సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.

స్టెప్ 6

సెండ్ ఆప్సన్‌లో మీరు ఎవరికైతే అమౌంట్ పంపాలనుకుంటున్నారో వారి ఫోన్ నంబర్ అలాగే ట్రాన్స్‌ఫర్ చేయాల్సిన అమౌంట్ అడుగుతుంది. దీంతో పాటు మీరు ముందు ఎంటర్ చేసిన పిన్ అడుగుతుంది. అవి ఎంటర్ చేయగానే అమౌంట్ ట్రాన్సిక్షన్ జరుగుతుంది.
స్టెప్ 7
అలాగే మీరు ఎవరికైనా అమౌంట్ రిక్వెస్ట్ పెట్టాలనుకుంటే రిక్వెస్ట్ ఆప్సన్‌లో కెళ్లి మీరు ఫోన్ నంబర్ ఎంటర్ చేస్తే చాలు. ఆలోమేటిగ్గా వారికి మీ రిక్వెస్ట్ చేరుతుంది. అయితే మీరు ఈ మూడు ఆప్సన్లలో ఏది యూజ్ చేయాలన్నా అవతలి వారు కూడా భీమ్ యాప్ లో లాగిన్ అయి ఉండాలి.

స్టెప్ 8
మూడో ఆప్సన్ బార్ కోడ్ స్కానర్. దీని ద్వారా కూడా అమౌంట్ పంపుకునే వీలు ఉంటుంది. మొబైల్లో గాని , ట్యాబ్లెట్‌లో గాని ఈ యాప్ ఉన్న వారి నుండి యాప్ ఓపెన్ స్కాన్ కోడ్ తీసుకుంటే మీరు ఆటోమేటిగ్గా డబ్బులు పంపుకోవచ్చు.


National Federation of Postal Employees
All India Postal Employees Union GDS
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
Phone: 011.23092771                                                      e-mail:
       Mob: 9868819295/9810853981                website:

      No. PF-01(e)/2016                                                               Dated: 09th January-2017

            1) All General Secretaries 
           and Office Bearers     

          2) All Circle/Divisional 
             Secretaries NFPE.
          3) All Circle/Divisional Secretaries AIPEU GDS

Dear Comrades, 

            As you are aware the GDS Committee Report was submitted to the Government on 24th November 2016 by the Kamalesh Chandra Committee. NFPE conducted two days protest demonstration on 5th & 6th December 2016 demanding immediate publishing of the Report.

             Secretary, Department of Posts categorically assured Secretary General NFPE that Report will be published after 31st December 2016. But even after 31st December, till this day, Report is not published.

            Entire Postal Employees are agitated over the unjustified delay in publishing the Report.

            NFPE Federal Secretariat has decided to commence INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST infront of Dak Bhawan , New Delhi from 18th January 2017 from 10 AM onwards demanding immediate publishing of GDS Committee Report.

              Secretary General all General Secretaries NFPE and General Secretary AIPEU GDS / available Office Bearers will sit on hunger fast.

            All Circle/Divisional Secretaries of NFPE / AIPEU GDS are requested to conduct protest demonstrations in front of all offices from 18th January onwards.

            Please give wide publicity among all employees, especially among GDS employees

       R. N. PARASHAR                                              P.  PANDURANGARAO
Secretary General NFPE.                                  General Secretary AIPEU GDS


Notice for the meeting of the NJCA

Monday, January 9, 2017


DoPT launches revamped website

"The Department of Personnel & Training is the coordinating agency of the Central Government in personnel matters, specially in respect of issues concerning recruitment, training, career development and staff welfare."

The Department of Personnel & Training, under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions is the coordinating agency of the Central Government in personnel matters, specially in respect of issues concerning recruitment, training, career development and employees welfare. The 'DoPT', is known by almost all the Central Government employees. There is probably any employee who hasn’t seen its website. 

Among the DoPT’s important powers are the task of appointing officers of the Indian Administrative Services, laying down the terms and conditions of the duties of all officials and employees, and publishing the government orders that are issued from time to time. 

The transition of the DoPT website in the past few years has been remarkable. In addition to publishing the latest Government Orders every day. The growth of the website’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that the page hits have been steadily increasing. 

The DoPT website has now been relaunched with brand new features.

Website link:

Notice to customers


As per the Notification G.S.R. 14(E) Dated 06.01.2017 every person who has Bank account but has not furnished his PAN number to the bank at the time of opening of Bank account or subsequently is required to furnish PAN before 28.02.2017. Relevant Portion of Notification is reproduced as follow :-

In the Income-tax Rules, 1962 (hereinafter referred to as the principal rules), in rule 114B, after the third proviso, the following proviso shall be inserted namely,—

“Provided also that a person who has an account (other than a time deposit referred to at S.No.12 of the Table and a Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account) maintained with a banking company or a cooperative bank to which the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (10 of 1949), applies (including any bank or banking institution referred to in section 51 of that Act) and has not quoted his permanent account number or furnished Form No. 60 , as the case may be, at the time of opening of such account or subsequently, he shall furnish his permanent account number or Form No. 60 , as the case may be, to the person specified in clause (c) of sub-rule (1) of rule 114C on or before the 28th day of February, 2017.”


Reliable sources indicate that the central government will announce higher allowances under 7th Pay Commission for the central government employees only after the completion of five states assemblies poll process, as the model code of conduct of the election commission has come into effect from Wednesday.

Due to the elections in five states, reliable sources indicate that the hike in allowances for the Central Government employees, as per the revised recommendations of 7th Pay Commission, can be delayed till mid of March or even March end.

The Election Commission has imposed a model code of conduct in five states from Wednesday due to which the decision of hike in allowance is likely to be differed at least by March 8.

Sources indicate, “allowances would be increased only after the conclusion of the assembly elections. The sources have further added that there are no plans to give arrears along with allowances to Central Government employees”.

However, it is very strange that the model code of conduct doesn’t deter the government in the case of presenting the budget for 2017.

The opposition leaders alleged, “It will provide an opportunity to the government to make populist announcements to influence voters”. The elections are to be held on 4th of Feb and the government has announced to present the budget on the 1st of Feb, they said.

Sources also added, The decision to implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission will come in March after eight to nine months of getting the basic pay hike to all central government employees. There are reports, however, that the government has no plans to pay allowances in arrears from August 2016 for all central government employees.

The move to present the budget just three days ahead of the elections in five states has invoked a huge criticism from the opposition parties, who claim that the budget will be used to ‘woo’ voters by giving them extra sops and other benefits.

A point to ponder here is, the committee on allowances setup by the government was ready to submit its report and were waiting for an invite from the finance ministry, but still the government extended the time limit to Feb 2017, without the committee asking for any extension.. Now its looks like that the government is buying more time on the pretext of election commission’s model code of conduct to delay the allowance implementation further.

We wish Com. D.Gnanaiah Happy and Healthy life

Com. D.Gnanaiah Ex. Secretary General NFPTE is 96 years of age and today (07.01.2017)  is 97th birthday. On this occasion NFPE P3 comrades of Coimbatore met him in his house and garlanded him.

We wish Com. D.Gnanaiah   Happy and Healthy life.

Cancellation of transactions in CIS (McCamish) due to user mistake

Saturday, January 7, 2017


STRIKE ON MARCH 16.... WHY ??????

How employees can make full use of their Leave Travel Allowance

How employees can make full use of their Leave Travel Allowance?

In many organisations, the year-end holidays are a norm. In others, the employees apply for long leave in advance, well ahead of their travel schedule. And if the travel costs are reimbursed by the employer, nothing like it. 

Employees who are eligible for Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), as part of their Cost-to-Company (CTC), can claim reimbursement of expenses incurred on travel. This reimbursement is not included in taxable income subject to certain limits and conditions. LTA tax break can be claimed for travel of self and family members for journeys undertaken only within India. 

Family includes spouse and children, whether dependent or not, and parents, brothers, sisters who are fully or mainly dependent on him. LTA tax break is not available for more than 2 children if born after 01.10.1998. This restriction does not apply to children born before 01.10.1998. 
The non-taxable reimbursement of travel costs is limited to the actual expenses incurred on air, rail and bus fares only. No other expenses, like local conveyance, sightseeing, etc., qualify for the tax break, which is not available every year. It is available for 2 journeys in a block of 4 years. The block applicable for the current period is calendar year 2014-17. The previous block was calendar year 2010-2013. 

Air travel 

The LTA amount for which tax break can be claimed in case of air travel is the lower of the economy class fare of the national carrier by the shortest route or the actual amount spent, whichever is less. 

Train journey 

The LTA amount eligible for tax break here is the lower of the air-conditioned first class fare by the shortest route or the actual amount spent. The same rule applies to the journey undertaken by any other mode, such as a private taxi, and the place of origin and destination are connected by rail. 

Other travel modes 

Sometimes, the place of origin and destination are not connected by rail or even by air, and the journey has to be undertaken by some other mode of transport. In such a case, the LTA tax break will be available if: 
(a) Recognised public transport exists. 
The exemption will be lower of first class or deluxe class fare by the shortest route or the actual amount spent. 
(b) No recognised public transport exists. 
The exemption will be lower of the air-conditioned first class rail fare by the shortest route (if the journey has been undertaken by rail) or the actual amount spent. 

Multi-destination journey 

Travelling isn't necessarily from one place to another. One may travel to different locations on a single trip. Where the journey is performed in a circular form touching different places, the LTA tax break is limited to what is admissible for the journey from the place of origin to the farthest point reached by the shortest route. 

Carry over 

If an employee has not availed of LTA for one or two permitted journeys in a particular block of 4 years then he is entitled to carry one journey over to the next block. In such a situation, the exemption will be available for 3 journeys in the next block. 

However, to make use of this benefit, the exemption with respect to the journey has to be utilised in the first calendar year of the next block. In other words, in case of a carry over, the exemption is available with respect to 3 journeys in a block, provided the exemption with respect to at least 1 journey is claimed in the first year of the next block. 

Availing LTA tax break 

To avail of the tax break, the employee has to furnish documentary evidence of the travel to the employer. In case you don't travel at all or you don't submit the travel bills, the LTA amount gets paid as part of the employee's salary after tax deduction as per the applicable income slab.The LTA tax break is in the nature of a reimbursement which is not taxed, therefore, it is with respect to the actual expenditure on fare. Hence, if no journey is performed, no tax break is available. 


Even though the rules set by Income-tax Department are crystal clear, the accounts department of several organisations may follow their own set of guidelines. Therefore, before availing of any such exemption, it's better to get clarity, well in advance. 

Source : The Economic Times